Comcast Wholesale offers media, communications, advertising and technology businesses access to the latest in networking, content delivery, subscriber experience and digital asset management, proven by an industry leader. Scalable from small independents to large companies, Comcast Wholesale’s service portfolio helps businesses launch new products and remain competitive through lower up-front investment, improved efficiency and faster time to market.

Project Info: Introduce the new Comcast Wholesale brand by exposing the new company brand values and promise. Based on the needs of the wholesale clients, competitive differentiators and prevailing industry trends, what’s Comcast Wholesale’s WHY and what does it look like? This idea became the foundation for the Comcast Wholesale brand, so that their customers will have a mantra they can believe in. All the corporate messaging, support programs, and marketing activities will reinforce this idea:

Deliverables: Brand Strategy, Brand Messaging, Tagline, Web Design, Digital Campaign, Print Advertising, Print, Internal Launch



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